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New York State’s health care sector is responsible for a myriad of big policy and budgetary decisions, including Medicaid spending, confronting the opioid crisis and combatting the COVID pandemic. Health care is also a leading public- and private-sector employer with workers in clinics, hospitals, at-home care programs, nursing, pharmaceuticals and medical research.

PoliticsNY’s Power Players in Health Care salutes these top public officials, policymakers, hospital and HMO executives, doctors, nurses, and labor, business and nonprofit leaders who manage the day-in and day-out work in the industry and envision a better health care future for all New Yorkers.

Sheila Thorne
President and Chief Executive Officer, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group

News | PoliticsNY Power Players in Health Care

News | PoliticsNY Power Players in Health CareSheila has spent more than two decades designing health education campaigns for the top 50 pharmaceutical companies. She has worked throughout North America, Western Europe and Latin America with a focus on communities of color. She has lectured on health equity at several universities and has given over 250 keynote presentations and workshops on cultural competency in health care delivery. Sheila is known for her unique ability to galvanize communities of color around health and social justice issues.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Educating and empowering patients of color to take charge and control of their health.

What is your favorite form of exercise?
Walking and dancing.

Do you have a favorite healthy meal?
Greek salad.